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In Another World With My Smartphone: Volume 6

16-year-old Mochizuki Touya continues everyday life in his new world, well aware that it could all come tumbling down at any moment. He’s the budding administrator of Babylon, the fledgling grand duke of Brunhild, and now he’s a… mecha pilot? Desperate to find a way to halt the incoming Phrase onslaught, Touya makes a mad dash for the Hangar of Babylon, hoping it can give him the edge he needs. What he finds is the Frame Gear, an ancient humanoid fighting machine! Join Touya and his…

Infinite Dendrogram

Pub Date : 2017-09-28 | Author : Sakon Kaidou | Publisher : J-Novel Club

ISBN 10 : 9781537836485
ISBN 13 : 153783648X

After an unexpectedly challenging journey, Ray and his party finally arrive at Gideon, The City of Duels. The mere sight of the towering arenas and thriving fantasy townscapes is e..

It S Complicated

Pub Date : 2014-02-25 | Author : danah boyd | Publisher : Yale University Press

ISBN 10 : 9780300166316
ISBN 13 : 0300166311

Surveys the online social habits of American teens and analyzes the role technology and social media plays in their lives, examining common misconceptions about such topics as iden..

The Empty Box And Zeroth Maria Vol 1 Light Novel

Pub Date : 2017-10-31 | Author : Eiji Mikage | Publisher : Yen On

ISBN 10 : 9780316561235
ISBN 13 : 0316561231

Kazuki Hoshino treasures nothing more than his ordinary life, and March 2 should have been an ordinary day. The arrival of a transfer student, the mysterious Aya Otonashi, shouldn'..

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