Lazy Dungeon Master: Volume 1

“Come on, kill all those bandits for me already!”
“No thanks. I don’t wanna do any work.”
My name is Keima Masuda, and my hobby is spending each day doing exactly nothing… but one fateful night, I was summoned to another world where I met a blonde young girl who I named Rokuko. It seemed that fortune had favored me and I would soon be living a wonderful life free of work. But even though I’m a guy who loves sleeping more than eating, Rokuko demanded that I help her.
“Save my dungeon! By the…

Lazy Dungeon Master Volume 4

Pub Date : 2019-02-12 | Author : Supana Onikage | Publisher : J-Novel Club

ISBN 10 : 9781718324060
ISBN 13 : 1718324065

A town was built around the dungeon I lazily manage and somehow, I ended up becoming its town chief. Yep... Wait, what?! Why?! Guess I'll just offload all this work onto other peop..

Lazy Dungeon Master Volume 2

Pub Date : 2018-10-10 | Author : Supana Onikage | Publisher : J-Novel Club

ISBN 10 : 9781718324022
ISBN 13 : 1718324022

My name's Keima Masuda and I, having been summoned into another world and made into a Dungeon Master, decided to build things according to my ultimate plan of not working at all. M..

Lazy Dungeon Master Volume 3

Pub Date : 2018-12-12 | Author : Supana Onikage | Publisher : J-Novel Club

ISBN 10 : 9781718324046
ISBN 13 : 1718324049

Even a Hero is my enemy if they get in the way of my sleep! I, Keima Masuda, am a Dungeon Master in a fantasy world focusing all my efforts on avoiding as much work as possible. An..

Muqaddimat Ibn Khaldun

Pub Date : 2012-09-12 | Author : Abdul Rahman Ibn Khaldun | Publisher : Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN 10 : 1479331996
ISBN 13 : 9781479331994

The work of the great Arab, Muslim, Africanm Barbar world philosopher: Ibn Khaldun is introduced by professor Hasan Yahya, including the poetry and more classification of topics. I..

Kalaam Gamiil

Pub Date : 2010-01-01 | Author : Abbas Al-Tonsi | Publisher : Amer Univ in Cairo Press

ISBN 10 : 9789774163159
ISBN 13 : 977416315X

A new intermediate course that introduces students of Modern Standard Arabic to the most widely spoken and understood spoken dialect...

Pub Date : 1992 | Author : احمد كمال مونتيسكيو يونس | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 9770033138
ISBN 13 : 9789770033135


Charles Baudelaire Le Spleen De Paris

Pub Date : 2012-05-28 | Author : Charles Baudelaire | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 1477461256
ISBN 13 : 9781477461259

This book is translated into Arabic, by Muhammad al Ihsaini, a Morocan Novilest, who mastered both Arab and French Languages, gave new life to the images and poetry style in Baudel..

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