Mice Templar Volume 2.2: Destiny Part 2 HC

Destiny, prophecy and free will collide as the young mouse Karic prepares himself for an audacious confrontation with the fearsome Snake god of the druids, for the salvation of his family, and the fate of all mice. Yet many forces stand in his way: the tyranny of the mad King Icarus, the twisted riddles of the Bats of Meave, a Scorpion god, the ancient demonic Nathair, and certain doom at the claws of the Zombie Cat! FOREWORD BY [TBD-we should have a name before this solicitation goes to…

Pub Date : 1923 | Author : ستيندورف، جورج، | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : OCLC:1041875863
ISBN 13 :


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